Welcome to UCSB!

We are so excited to welcome you to our campus and community! We hope you are ready to tackle the next six weeks.

Our course description is as follows:

What can we learn about people, communities, environments, and ourselves by listening closely? As we pursue this question, we’ll travel from the studio, to the archives, around campus and Isla Vista, and out to sea. You will learn to approach sound as both a method of research and as an object of study. Through listening closely, this class will learn innovative approaches to humanities research. The class will also collaboratively create audio projects that explore the relationships between our communities, bodies, and environments.

In this class, we will consider how listening supports unique ways of thinking. We will study examples of how listening can be a method of research and reflect on what we learn through listening, especially how listening attunes us to bodies and environments. We will discuss questions like: what do we do when we listen? What does sound record that visuals might not? Who gets to speak? Who has to listen? Who gets listened to?