Intro Week: What do we do when we listen (in the humanities)?

Aug 5: Intro

Intro class. Please bring your laptops, if you have one.

Aug 7: Listening as research

Reading: R. Murray Schafer, “Open Ears” (keywords: soundscape, acoustic ecology). Watch online Audacity tutorial (split, time shift, envelope, saving as different file types).

Assignment: Write response to Schafer. Bring in 2 tracks that represent your sonic background. Introduction to audio editing (uploading tracks and cutting)

In class activity: Discuss Schafer. Create playlist.

Aug 9: First Blog Post

Unit One (Alenda): media studies/environmental studies approaches to sound

Aug 12: MEDIA/GAME studies

Reading: Jonathan Sterne, “The mp3 as cultural artifact” and Karen Collins, excerpt from Game Sound

Assignment: Reading response to Sterne.

In class: Pick 1-2 partner(s) for your podcast research project and develop a list of possible topics.

Aug 14: Environmental sonification

Reading: Carlo Patrão, “Botanical Rhythms: A Field Guide to Plant Music” and Rachel Carson, “A Fable for Tomorrow” from Silent Spring

Assignment: Reading Response to Patrao. In class, begin drafting an outline of your podcast script, including potential interviews and sound samples.

Aug 16: Second Blog Post

Aug 19: Gender and voice

Reading: NPR’s Fresh Air “From Upspeak To Vocal Fry: Are We ‘Policing’ Young Women’s Voices?”

Assignment: “Reading” response to NPR podcast. In-class editing time.

Aug 21 Globalization and music

Reading: Steven Feld, “The Poetics and Politics of Pygmy Pop”

Assignment: Reading response to Feld. Rough cut due, time for peer review.

Aug 23: Submit Project 1 podcast and reflection blog post for project 1

Unit Two (Trish): Listening as a Mode of Inquiry

Aug 26: Listening Methods

Reading: Chion “The Three Listening Modes

Assignment: Reading Response to Chion 

In class activities: Visit Special Collections

Aug 28: Arguments in Sound

Reading: Assignment: Eddie Francisco Alverez “How Many Latinos in the House” 

Reading Response: Read and respond to Alverez. 

In class Activity:  Class visit from Daisy Muralles about public radio.  

Aug 30: Blog post: Submit Project 2 Proposal

Sep 2 (Labor Day – Class cancelled)

Sep 4: Sound in Context

Reading: Read and reflect on “Speaking in Tongues

Assignment: Reading Response. Before class, submit first rough draft of Project 1. 

In class activity: Peer review in class. 

Sept 6: Blog post due: Listen and learn from kcsb.

Sep 9: Accessible Sound 

Reading: Oserio and Iwertz Composing Captions

Assignment: Revise rough draft of Project 2

In class: Final round of peer review and design. 

Sep 11: Submit project 2 research article and reflection essay

Sep 11: Showcase

In class showcase of student projects. Discussion of student projects. Final reflection exercises.

🡪Sep 13: Submit final blog post