Final Week!

This summer session has flown by. And all of you have really kept up with the tough pace of the summer. Now, we have a final week to finish your project and reflect upon what we’ve learned.

SEP 9: Read this short article by Oserio and Iwertz Composing Captions. We are going to use this to talk about accessibility. No need for a reading response for this one.

Assignment: Just focus on revise rough draft of Project 2.

In class: Final round of peer review and design.

Prepare to present on your final project. This should be just 5 minutes. Share an overview of your argument, one audio clip, and your analysis and conclusions from that audio clip.

SEP 11:
1. SUBMIT PROJECT 2 RESEARCH ARTICLE (before class on blog) &
2. REFLECTION ESSAY that explains your process, choices, and evaluates what you learned. This reflection essay should 1) explain your process composing the article (What steps were important? What was challenging? Fun? Interesting? New?) 2) discuss the choices you made (to appeal to the audience, support your argument, meet your goals) 3) evaluate your article (what makes it interesting, important, original, engaging?). Submit any time Wednesday on your blog.

Sep 13: Final blog post. Reflecting on what you’ve learned this quarter. In this class you have learned different ways to attune yourself as a listener. You’ve learned to listen as a mode of inquiry and how to compose with sound. We’ve also practiced listening to people, communities, environments, etc. For your final assignment, write a listening plan for yourself. How can you apply what you’ve learned to future situations, communities, and spaces? What do you hope to learn by listening carefully and critically?

For this listening plan, first identify 2-3 listening situations that you’ll enter in the future: communities, classrooms, workplaces. How can you apply active listening and critical attention to sound in these spaces?

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