Week 4: Methods of Listening in the Archives

Students, Congrats on finishing the podcast! I’m proud of your work thus far. We are now going to build on what you’ve done and learn methods of research that require listening carefully.

Monday 26th: Please Reading: Chion “The Three Listening Modes.” After you read, be sure to post a reading response. In this response, explain what “reduced listening” is and why you may listen in this way. Think of a time or a context in which you may listen in this way. In addition, think of a question, regarding listening, that you would like to discuss with the class.

In class activities: We are going to discuss the reading briefly, then we’ll head over for a visit to Special Collections in the library.

Wednesday 28th: Please read this article “How Many Latinos in the House” You are reading this article because it is an example of how scholars analyze sound in order to study communities. This is an example of what you will be doing in your second assignment for this class. As you read, identify the thesis and why this these matters for the author. After you read, post a reading response that that explains what you learned about this community from the article and also what different kinds of evidence did the author use to support his argument. Finally, write 1-2 questions that you would want to discuss with the class.

Just in case you’re interested, I enjoyed this article about Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright” on NPR.

Friday 30th: Blog post #3! Post a proposal for what you would like to focus on for the 2nd project. This should include 1) what community do you want to study? 2) What sound artifacts do you hope to collect to study this community? 3) What are you interested in discovering? or what do you hope to learn about by studying this community? 4) why do you care about studying this community and what do you hope your reader learns from your research?


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