Week 5: writing with sound

I can’t believe we are already at week 5! You’ve done good work so far. Our goal for this week is 1) prepare for the second project. For this assignment, it is crucial that you analyze sound on multiple levels: the words, the source, the media, as well as the sounds themselves. So think about how you can practice reduced listening.

2) think about writing and voice. We sometimes say a writer has “found her voice”. What does that mean? How can you find your voice in writing?

For Wednesday, read the essay by Gloria Anzaldua “speaking in tongues”. This is a beautiful essay that I hope you will enjoy. As you read, think about her voice. I think there are several voices in this essay. How does her style augment her argument? Write a reading responds that addresses these questions.

In addition, you need to come to class with a partial draft of your second project. At this point, you need to have a draft thesis statement. Most importantly, you need to have collected all of the audio clips you want to analyze in the essay.

Friday Blog Post: This week, tune into the local UCSB student led radio station KCSB. I would like you to listen for at least 3 hours throughout the week. Write down notes on what you heard from listening to the local radio station. Use Trish’s Guide to Listening to help you think critically about what you heard.

Write a blog post that explores what you learned about the UCSB community by listening to the public radio. What shows did you listen to? What did you learn? Whose voices and what topics were included? And what do you think this radio program may reveal about the community that you’re entering here at UCSB?

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