Week 1 Homework: Sonic Imaginations

Wednesday before class: 

Read: R. Murray Schafer, “Open Ears” (keywords: soundscape, acoustic ecology). You can find this on Gauchospace.

Watch: online Audacity tutorial.

Write: Respond to the Schafer reading by summarizing what you think the main argument is. Also, write a question that you would like to discuss with the class. Submit this via email to pfancher@ucsb.edu (100 words minimum)

Friday Writing Assignment

First, follow these steps to set up your ePortfolio. http://ehcourses.com/tutorials/. Then, submit your ePortfolio to the form at this link https://forms.gle/JdFuTvdmYsntkYSM6

Then, Due Friday, August 9. Please post your response to the following prompt on your own individual e-portfolio/blog provided by the Mellon Engaging Humanities initiative.


Your first post should follow from our in-class discussion of what it means to hear, now and at other times. Specifically, listen carefully to the sounds around you for the next couple of days—list some of them. Then try to categorize them (what types of sounds are you hearing, who or what is producing them, and how can you make sense of them through labels?). Finally, which of these sounds do you think existed 10, 20, or 50 years ago? Which did not? If not, why?

300-500 words

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